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Ali Reed experimenting with her laser cut pieces - shapes sourced from deterioration within the Spode Meadows building.

Images Courtesy of Ali Reed.

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"Yesterday I visited the site to find shapes to use within my work. The shapes are based on faults found on the site. I feel that the faults are representing a history of the space and the gradual journey of time which has progressively deteriorated the building. 

My usual work consists of installations - a combination of wall drawings and sculptural pieces which contain the floor plans of the building in which they are exhibited in. The aim is to make the viewer stop and realise where they are – to have that curious realisation of the shape that they are viewing, is a representation of the structure in which they are standing in. I could do the same for Journeys but I have done this in a previous Spode exhibition and feel I should respond to the space in a different way.

The colours which I will use will reflect what is discovered in the building for example – green and yellow pathways, red tiles etc.

Although the shapes will be presented in a similar way to my previous works, they will appear different due to the fact that these faults may be oddly shaped and perhaps more organic than the usual geometric shapes that I work with, bringing a new challenge to my practice. This will give me a chance to explore some past ideas which I had not yet felt ready to explore.”  

Ali Reed (September 8th 2014)

Images courtesy of Ali Reed

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New Art West Midlands 2014

This is my winning piece for New Art West Midlands 2014.
The individual pieces and drawings consist of the floor plans of the four venues which make up New Art West Midlands - Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Grand Union and the Barber Institute of Fine Art.

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A3 Project Space Residency Update

Following on from my discoveries of the hidden plinths and unusual exhibiting spaces, I have begun my experimental phase of placing site specific works into them.

This is my first - taking the shape of the frame of the space, I have used my technique of manipulating the shape through layering, repetition and placement.

The piece is placed rather precariously inside the usused space, each piece leaning on each other and the sides of the space.

I will be visiting the space in a few days to see if it has withstood factors such as weather and human interaction.

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A3 Project Space Residency Update

The beginning weeks of my residency consisted of wandering around Digbeth and generally discovering the area. 

This has led me to discover these intriguing ready made platforms/shelves/plinths. Some of these are formed from weathering and damage to buildings or are just odd, unused spaces.

My work up until now has generally consisted of the shape of the building in which the work is exhibited in. I would like to continue this site specific strategy but I aim to utilise these outdoor spaces and use them as plinths for my artwork. 

I am in the process of deciding and experimenting with what the shapes of the works will be - whether I will continue to use the shape of the buildings floorplan or use the shape of the actual miniature “plinth” which it is sitting on. 

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